This package will come with: (1) Set of AR500 Swimmers Cut Plates (Your choice of curve and coating) (1) Set of AR500 Side Plates (1) Swimmers Cut Sentinel Plate Carrier (Your choice of color)



  • Durable emergency drag handle

  • Anti-Slip shoulder padding w/ velcro

  • Side release buckles on internal waist strap

  • Padded elevated mesh on interior of carrier for breathability

  • Fits 10x12 Swimmers cut plates

  • Removable cummberbund with side plate pockets for 6x6 and 6x8 side plate armor

  • Velcro in front of the Carrier is 8x4 w/ a velcro loop on each side

  • Velcro on the back of the Carrier measures 9x3

  • Stronger carrier material that can withstand through wear and tear over a long period of time

  • 1000 denier

  • Bottom loading

  • Weighs approximately 2lbs. 9oz. (Without Plates)

Spartan Sentinel Swimmers Cut OMEGA Armor Kit

SKU: Spart-Sent-Swim Kit