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The Tacticon™ Low-Profile Flip-Up Front and Rear Iron Sights are made from high-quality aluminum alloy making them the perfect addition to your tactical rifle such as the AR 15. Whether using them as your main sight or as a backup sight for another optic, you can count on the accuracy and durability that this sight offers. The spring-loaded pop-up action on our flip-up iron sight is incredibly fast and effective with a simple push of the button. This high-quality low profile iron sight is designed for any hunting or tactical rifle including Winchester, Remington, Colt, AR15, etc. and can fit ANY rifle with a Picatinny Rail and Weaver Rail sections. The front sight post is fully adjustable for elevation, and we INCLUDED the front sight post adjustment tool for your convenience! The rear sight is fully adjustable for windage.

Tacticon Flip Up Iron Sights

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Front and rear iron sights
    Front sight post adjustment tool

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