Welcome to Protection Plus Tactics

Welcome to Protection Plus Tactics

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Protection Plus Tactics is Northern Californias Elite Training Academy specializing in self-defense firearms training. We welcome every level and provide both private and groups Instruction, We offer Concealed Carry (CCW) and Firearm safety classes as well as Pistol, Shotgun, long distance, Carbine Rifle, Hand Combative and Tactical Combat Care Classes.  At Protection Plus Tactics we believe everyone has the right to protect themselves. We focus on teaching self-defense with firearms while instilling the safe habits required to become proficient with a firearm in adverse situations. We can help you get your concealed carry permit and share our unique experiences to help increase your odds of survival in a life threatening situation.


Don Ratkowski is the founder of Protection Plus Tactics, LLC. He served in the United States Marine Corps and while attached to the First Marine Expeditionary Force he fought in IRAQ. Don is a decorated veteran receiving multiple awards, including a presidential citation. He has traveled the world and while visiting the various continents Don took advantage of his travels and studied martial arts around the globe. In an effort to collaborate and share knowledge, he has trained with some of the most respected names in the industry. It is this knowledge coupled with his martial arts, weapons training and combat experience that make his training methods truly stand out. He is a gifted instructor with a unique ability to convey knowledge at a level most can pick up. That is why he prides himself in training local law enforcement and fire/rescue agencies. He has also written and published several books, including "Whiskey Sierra: The Devil Dog Chronicles" and "Islamic State: The Countdown Has Begun" Both books are available in our shop or on Amazon.

"My husband and I did a private pistol class with Don and I've taken his CCW Permit class and plan to continue with advanced pistol and additional classes as needed. I really like that Don works with everyone on their level, making sure they truly understand from having the right mindset for handling a lethal weapon to safety measures, drills, real life situations, disarming techniques and more. I like the option for private lessons and small groups, and love the private range! Thanks to Don both my husband and I have a new awareness of the many responsibilities that go with gun ownership. Whether you are new to firearms or looking to improve your skills - call Don at Protection Plus Tactics." Trina L.

"All I have to say is WOW!! Don is a true class act and a gift from god! Don took the time to get to know us first which I felt was extremely important. You can tell Don has a TRUE passion to educate and help people. This isn't one of those teachers just out for the dollar, frankly I think that is the farthest thing from his mind. The basic skills we learned were so in depth it blew my mind. I had no clue all the different things that could happen in any situation. Don made us feel completely comfortable and had extra care/patience with my wife who "was" (No longer) afraid of guns. We learned so much just in 1 class that I feel we are far more advanced than the average gun owner. Don made it clear that he truly cared about people and their ability to protect their families. I know we are just at the tip of the iceberg of what he's going to teach us! I can't wait for Don to take us to a new a level of skill and awareness when it comes to protection for myself and my family! We will be doing many more sessions with you Don. If you are looking for the best and a guy who TRULY cares for people, call Don ASAP!    Niel C."


Private lessons are the perfect way to learn. We offer one on one training for every level of student from beginners to highly advanced weapon platform training. You can also schedule a private concealed carry class in order to have a more focused and private experience. If you are a new gun owner and would like to learn how to be safe with a firearm or learn how to own one safely in your home then you should call or book online today. If you are excited about enhancing your skill set with a particular weapon or tactic, then call us today or book your private lesson online now. We offer a variety of training from basic fundamentals to advanced survival tactics. if you would like to learn from a decorated Marine combat veteran than call or click the link below to schedule your private training.


If you are interested in getting your California CCW permit or renew your existing permit then we can definitely help you. This class is taught by our DOJ and NRA Certified instructors who share their experiences and a real world element to the training that is rare to find . Our course is conducted at a private range and covers all the required inf