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Private Lessons

Private Lessons are tailored to your specific goals and needs. We have a private range that offers the opportunity to work on all firearm aspects and platforms. We base all our training on the principle of real world tactics and the goal is to live. 


Our training focuses on defensive techniques and tactics designed to teach your how to better defend yourself and those you care about with a firearm. We address a number of topics in class, from safety, multiple threats to emergency medical. I base all my training on a lifetime of fighting and my experiences as a Marine. I am also a faith based man and feel that I have been given a gift to help people defend themselves against the bad in this world. There has never been a more important time than now to make sure that good people have the skills necessary to defend what is important to them.


The training you will receive includes but is not limited to the following:


  1. The first thing we address is safety and weapon handling.

  2. Assess each students firearms (talking about the good and bad of each firearm)

  3. We then assess each student's competency with their firearm through a series of manipulation drills in office.

  4. We address holsters, “rig” set up and armor. (bad guys now have armor and what that means tactics wise)

  5. We will address “Dry-Work” and how to practice the topics we are teaching without being at a range. (If you want to be good at anything you must do it often and it is not necessary to be at a range to practice weapon handling and essential skill sets.)

  6. We will touch on topics of emergency medical due to the nature of firearm training.