This course has been specifically designed to teach Law Enforcement, Corrections, Fire, EMS, and Civilians to be able to offer better medical care and work within the Hot, Warm, and Cold zones of an active shooter situation. We highly recommend this course to civilians, churches and private organizations interested in learning how to engage an active threat and treat traumatic injuries. The course curriculum goes in-depth on the role of each agency and how all personnel involved integrate seamlessly within the incident command system. Once the course has been completed you will gain an enhanced knowledge of medical procedures pertaining to combat related injuries as well as a more in depth look into the tactics utilized by Rescue task forces and Tactical EMS teams. By the end of this course you and your team will be one of the most knowledgeable tactical care providers in the region. 

This course highly emphasizes tourniquet use in the prehospital setting to stop life threatening bleeding. Students will learn the proper application and timely use of multiple types and models of tourniquets. Students will be held to the standard of 25 second self application and most students are able to achieve less than 10 seconds by the end of the course.

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