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Tactical Medical Training Classes

Do you have what you need to keep yourself or others alive in  a emergency medical situation? What would you do to survive a car crash? How about a accidental firearm discharge or a random act of violence? Do you  have the ability to treat a traumatic injury? We have a emergency medical training class that will teach you and give you the skills to respond in any emergency medical situation.


We strongly recommend this medical training course to civilians, churches and private organizations interested in learning how to engage any active threat and treat traumatic injuries. 

This tactical medical training course highly emphasizes tourniquet use in the prehospital setting to stop life threatening bleeding. Students will learn the proper application and timely use of multiple types and models of tourniquets. Students will be held to the standard of 25 second self application and most students are able to achieve less than 10 seconds by the end of the course.

Protection Plus Tactics TEMSFROM/TCCC Emergency Medical Training

Emergency Medical Training Class Includes: 


  • Your own Individual First Aid kit (IFAK) ($200 Value) 

  • Casualty movement and evacuation techniques

  • Tourniquet and chest seal application

  • Different threat assessment considerations

  • Description and demonstration of basic life support techniques. 

  • Comprehensive, competency-based student demonstration

  • Hands on student skills testing

  • Real world scenario-based training


You will leave with a working emergency medical knowledge that can help save you and those you care about. 


Don't wait till the emergency happens train today.

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