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  • Complete Video Pack

    Perfect for beginning or advanced gun owners
    • 35 In Home instructional videos designed to make you better!
    • Each videos presents new concepts and techniques to work on!
    • No ammunition is needed during this In Home Firearm Training
Once you have purchased the In Home Firearm Training Video Series, go to the IHT CHANNEL page to begin training!

Can you learn to protect yourself with a Firearm in your own home?

Absolutely Yes you can learn to protect yourself with a firearm in the safety of your own home.

Want to learn how to protect yourself with a Firearm?

Welcome to Protection Plus Tactics In Home Video Training Series. There are over 30 videos in this series designed to get you going and make you better with a firearm! This series will help you gain the confidence needed to protect yourself with a firearm. Through knowledge, education and proper execution of drills. These Videos will enhance your ability to operate and protect yourself with a firearm. You will see measurable results through the use of these videos regardless of your level of proficiency.

Now is the time! 

Now is the time to begin your firearm training. Never has it been easier to get the fundamental knowledge necessary to learn how to defend yourself with a firearm. If you have been wanting to learn how to defend yourself with a firearm then here is the answer you have been looking for. 

No Ammunition Needed!

It Costs $500 for a 5 hour private lesson with me. There is over 10 hours of hands on, follow along instruction, that's a $1,000 value that you can can own for just $29....!!!

I have trained thousands of people of all levels and I am going to share with you the same knowledge and techniques I taught them. You will learn to how to train effectively and efficiently with an emphasis on proper fundamentals, technique and repetition. Repetition is the biggest thing people struggle with when it comes to proper training, They either don’t do enough or they repeat the wrong things..... Please don't be that person, let me show the proper way to train with your firearm.

This training is intended to develop your ability and enhance your proficiency in all aspects of weapon handling and fundamentals. I used my military, martial arts back ground and weapon knowledge to create this training program. And I designed it with specific goals in mind to help train people to protect themselves with a firearm. 


Through these videos you will learn how to safely operate your firearm. You will learn the rules of safety to keep yourself and those around you safe. You will learn the fundamentals of marksmanship, grip, stance sight-alignment, sight-picture, proper loading techniques. You will also learn about the 5 malfunctions that can occur and how to remedy them. You will learn how to identify and use cover with your firearm. You will learn how to shoot from the hip, you will learn to take a knee and return fire in defense.

I have put a lot of energy and effort into this video series with the understanding that this knowledge is hard to come by and people need it now more than ever! Don't wait get your training started today. Use the form if you require more information or simply click the link below to sign up and get access to this amazing video training series!

Check Out What Others Are Already Saying!

"Wow! The way Don breaks down everything is so easy to follow. Then as you advance you revisit certain steps and you can really see the progress. This program is for any level of shooter from beginner to advanced. I cant believe how much better my grip, stance, and firearm manipulating has gotten! I can do these actions with my eyes closed now. I feel so much more confident in my firearm handling. He really gives you the tools and the reps to make you better.  This program will show you how to train at home the right way!

-Sean Bates"

"The results were almost immediate. I noticed improvement at the range after only one week of these videos. I have learned so much in just a short period of time. Im so excited about doing the videos now I do them daily and the results are the proof that these videos work! Job well done Protection Plus Tactics, I would recommend these videos to anyone who owns a firearm!

- D.S. Stevenson"

"I learned more in the first 7 videos then in all my other firearm training. Seriously though. I will tell you why. I have done a few handgun classes but as soon as I left, most of the knowledge faded. Of course I understood the basics, “don’t put your finger on the trigger unless you want to shoot” In these videos you get to go home and do the work. He does it with you even, every rep. 

In the past I would try to do drywork, but would feel so awkward, wondering if I am doing it right and what to do next. This series takes all the guess work out of it. It is laid out in a formula that builds on itself, progresses you quickly and gives you confidence. These are the P90x of handgun videos. I look forward to my 20 minutes of firearm training. I have worked it into my evening routine and it makes me feel so much more confident when it comes to my firearm. 


I am working toward getting my CCW and up until now there was absolutely no way I thought I was ready. I am only half way through the series and I feel ready. I have gone back and done some videos over, the information was so good and the videos are fun to do. If you are thinking of getting these videos do it!!! You will not regret it and being a 40 something lady these were absolutely perfect for me. I didn’t need to find time to take another class or go to the range, and I saved money with the price of bullets these days. I am so glad someone finally put together a series like this."


"Let's Talk Firearm Training... Here is the Best In-Home Training I Can Recommend 


Most people who own firearms never spend the time to develop the proper muscle memory needed for real world problems. They may think that because they go to the range occasionally that they are all set. Well let me just state that is a fundamental flaw in everyone's preparation who thinks this. It is not enough to buy a gun and some ammo - you need training. You need to put in the work to develop good habits and get the muscle memory that you will default to in those scary times that we all know are coming.

I have a great solution for you.

Having personally trained with Don this is by far some of the best training that I have received. He has spent a lot of time and effort to make his unique training style available to everyone through an online course you can do at home - without ammo.

Most who shoot (occasionally) never spend the time to develop the proper muscle memory needed for real world problems. This course is heavy on dry-practice and repetition required to build muscle memory.

I would recommend this training for both brand new gun owners and even you "high-speed-low-drag" guys. For those of you who have had some training or even consider yourself "experienced," if you follow his method I guarantee you will learn something. 

Here is a quick list of people he has trained with and learned from his introduction video:

  • Grandmaster Harry Greene (Special Forces jungle fighter from the Viet Nam war)

  • Max Joseph (Owner of TFTT “Tactical Firearms Training Team” specializing in (advanced pistol tactics and executive protection)

  • Paul Castle (Center Axis Relock CAR)

  • Lai Hung

(If you are curious and don't know any of these names you should look them up)"

- Review posted on the AVOW forum by John Biery

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

 We are so confident that If you are not satisfied with the In Home Firearm Training Video Series. You can send an email to within 30 days of purchase describing why you are not satisfied with the Video Channel and we will refund your purchase.

Check out these free videos from Protection Plus Tactics by clicking on the link below. Email Log in is required.

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