In Home Firearm Training

No Ammunition Needed!

Welcome to Protection Plus Tactics In Home Video Training Series. There are over 30 videos in this series designed to get you going and make you better with a firearm! This series will help you gain the confidence needed to protect yourself with a firearm. Through knowledge, education and proper execution of drills. These Videos will enhance your ability to operate and protect yourself with a firearm. You will see measurable results through the use of these videos regardless of your level of proficiency.

The Knowledge in these videos is priceless but you can own these videos for just $99 by preordering today. Thats a $50 ~savings~

I have trained thousands of people of all levels and I am going to share with you the same knowledge and techniques I taught them. You will learn to how to train effectively and efficiently with an emphasis on proper fundamentals, technique and repetition. Repetition is the biggest thing people struggle with when it comes to proper training, They either don’t do enough or they repeat the wrong things..... Please don't be that person, let me show the proper way to train with your firearm.

This training is intended to develop your ability and enhance your proficiency in all aspects of weapon handling and fundamentals. I used my military, martial arts back ground and weapon knowledge to create this training program. And I designed it with specific goals in mind to help train people to protect themselves with a firearm. 


Through these videos you will learn how to safely operate your firearm. You will learn the rules of safety to keep yourself and those around you safe. You will learn the fundamentals of marksmanship, grip, stance sight-alignment, sight-picture, proper loading techniques. You will also learn about the 5 malfunctions that can occur and how to remedy them. You will learn how to identify and use cover with your firearm. You will learn how to shoot from the hip, you will learn to take a knee and return fire in defense.

I have put a lot of energy and effort into this video series with the understanding that this knowledge is hard to come by and people need it now more than ever! Don't wait get your training started today. Use the form if you require more information or simply click the link below to sign up and get access to this amazing video training series!

If you preorder the video series today not only will you save $50. but you will also receive the first 12 videos immediately!  The full series is scheduled to release Nov 2021. Get going on your training today!
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