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Get Your California CCW Today With Protectin Plus Tactics

If you want to get your CCW permit in the state of California, or renew your existing permit then this is the class you are looking for. Our course is conducted at a private range and covers all the required information needed to comply with your counties requirements to obtain a concealed carry permit. Our instructors and staff are dedicated helping you go through the process to obtain your CCW permit. So don't wait sign up and get the process started today.

We have been instructing and certifying for almost 10 years and have developed one of the best concealed carry curriculums in the area.  Our instructors are all Department of Justice and NRA certified Instructors, most being former military. We share our personal experiences and the knowledge we have gained from years of handling firearms and personal protection training. We take pride in knowing we offer the safest and most informative class possible. We have designed a course to educate you about the responsibilities that come with a CCW permit and carrying a firearm in the public. We will review safety, regulations and laws governing your permit, liability, personal protection, ballistics, and much more. Our team of tried and true professionals will get you ready for your CCW permit. Our course is certified in Amador, Calaveras, El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Contra Costa, Nevada and Yolo counties.

Private CCW Class Includes:


  1. All mandated hours necessary to obtain your CCW permit, 

  2. Private instruction.

  3. Use of our private range to shoot the Sheriffs course of fire and qualify.​


Class cost is $600 for first person, $300 for next participate and $150 for each additional student.

(We can accommodate any group size)

Protectin Plus Tactics Concealed Carry Weapon Classes

CCW Course Requirements - You will need the following to complete the class.

  1. $20 Range Fee

  2. Bring  guns desired on permit

  3. Two magazines for each firearm

  4. 50 rounds of FMJ for each firearm

  5. Ears & eye protection

  6. Lunch & drink

  7. Solid toe shoes and crew neck shirts (No sandals or plunging necklines that might allow brass in)

  8. A good attitude, willingness to learn and a vehicle that you don't mind getting dusty, (dirt road into range)

"Wow!  As an Air Force Veteran and former federal agent, I have been through a lot of training.  Initially, I went to Don to update my carry permit.  We booked a private class for both my husband and I.  From the outset, it was apparent that Don knew his stuff.  I learned some new things from Don and when he wanted me to change something, he had a logical reason for the suggestion.  Excellent instructor - clear in his concepts and highly skilled.  Practical advice designed to keep you alive when confronted with an adversary.  I will definitely be booking more time with Don in the future.  Works well with both men and women.  Very professional and safe training with an emphasis on practical skills.  I highly recommend this business for anyone wanting to improve their knowledge on firearms, gun safety and tactics."   Lisa B.

"Don is tops in my book for this type of training! He is not a by the book guy., He believes in what he teaches and does an outstanding job. I can now get my CCW license thanks to Don."  Darold C.

"I used Protection Plus Tactics for my CCW training and Don did an amazing job with teaching both in class training as well as the initial gun range qualification. I would highly recommend Protection Plus Tactics to anyone who is looking for hand gun training courses as well as the CCW training."  Kristin S.

"If your really want to learn from a highly trained instructor Don with Protection Plus Tactics is who you should choose. With not much experience in handling firearms I wanted to make sure that I had the knowledge and skill I needed to get my CCW.  I definitely learned a lot in his one on one private class.  Don will take you from learning about bullets, to providing a brief history lesson, to properly handling a firearm.  I've been around people that have owned guns for years and I learned so much more from Don's training. I feel I now know more about handguns than most.  I would encourage experienced or non experienced students to contact Don and schedule a class.  I don't know what other training locations charge but what I can tell you is, what I learned was money well spent and I'm taking another private lesson before I move into advanced training.  Also i wanted to mention I took his CCW class last weekend and his private lesson before helped me be more comfortable for the CCW class.  Again please take his class it's very informative, he doesn't have an ego and you are not just another number."    Courtney M.

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