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Freedom Pack

The all inclusive training pack for those looking to get their CCW permits

This all inclusive training pack includes the following:

  1. One Private lesson for 2 people ($600 Value)

  2. One Concealed Carry Weapons Permit Class ($300 Value)

  3. Arizona Multi-State Carry permit good in 36 other states including Nevada ($100 Value)

  4. Marksmanship/CCW prep class ($179 Value)

  5. CCW Extended Training Holster Class ($179 Value)

  6. In-Home Video Training Program ($149 Value)

$507 Savings

All classes must be used within 6 months of purchase. Once purchase is completed a team member will be in touch to get you scheduled.

CCW class can be used for New or Renewal permit in Placer, Sacramento, El dorado, Yolo, Calaveras and Amador counties. All CCW classes are held on specific Saturdays in a group setting. (CCW class cost can be deducted from price of Freedom Pack if the purchaser has already taken their CCW permit class with Protection Plus Tactics.)

Marksmanship and Holster Classes are held on Wednesdays from 2-6pm in a group setting.

All private lessons are booked Tuesday - Friday. Private lessons can be attended by more than 2 students. For each additional student it will be an additional $100.

Weapon rentals are available if needed $40 per gun. (Students must shoot their own firearm during CCW qualification.) All students must provide their own ammunition.

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