The next evolution in the Semi-Automatic Pistol



In the first week we have received an overwhelming response. The B.A.D. Rod Sales are exceeding our expectations and we are working diligently to process orders. Please expect longer than average ship times. Be assured we are doing everything in our power to get your orders filled and packages delivered in a safe and timely manner.

Introducing the B.A.D. Rod. This patented device is a replacement guide rod for your Semi-Automatic Pistol. The B.A.D. rod replaces your existing guide rod with a superior grade stainless steel Weaponized version that has enhanced breaching and fighting capabilities.

Watch this Video and see the B.A.D rod in action!

You can't buy The B.A.D. Rod anywhere else but here. It can only be purchased from this website directly so Preorder yours today!

We spent the last 2 years developing the B.A.D. Rod, each B.A.D. Rod is specifically tuned for each particular handgun, each different make and model requires a different machined and tuned B.A.D. Rod to ensure quality performance and operation from your firearm. Each B.A.D. Rod is precisely machined to specific tolerances, including weight, length, and circumference to within 50,000 of an inch. The B.A.D Rod shatters the mold with its weaponized features making the Semi-Automatic Pistol a more capable tool to defend yourself in all situations.

The B.A.D. stands for Breach Access Device.

  • Breaches Windows

  • Pops Tires

  • Mitigates Recoil

  • Enhances Fighting Capabilities

  • Made in America

  • Disabled Veteran Owned Business

  • Made for the Top Selling Handguns

It may look like a Nail but its so much more!!
Each B.A.D. Rod comes with a Precision Tuned Performance Enhancing Spring.

If you don't see your particular firearm fill out this form to request a B.A.D. Rod for your particular firearm and we will notify you as soon as the B.A.D. Rod is available for your firearm!

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