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Don Ratkowski

Don Ratkowski is the founder of Protection Plus Tactics, LLC. He served in the United States Marine Corps and while attached to the First Marine Expeditionary Force he traveled the world visiting various continents. He fought in Iraq and earned multiple awards including a Presidential Citation for actions in combat. Having studied martial arts throughout his life he took advantage of his travels around the globe and continued his studies in the different countries he visited. It is this knowledge coupled with his weapons training and combat experiences that make his training methods truly unique. He has also written several books, including "Whiskey Sierra: The Devil Dog Chronicles" and "Islamic State: The Countdown Has Begun" Both books are available on Amazon or click here now.

Don Ratowski
Alex Ratkowski

Alex Ratkowski has been with PPT since 2016 working to provide an easy consumer experience. Alex works on all fronts of the company and primarily leads our marketing and resources. A firm believer in self-defense, he has studied martial arts and grappling since childhood. A local Del Oro graduate, he has worked in firearms retail since 2013 and has a deep understanding of the industry and legalities of California gun ownership. 

Helen Meads is an integral part of the PPT Team, in addition to being an NRA Pistol Instructor, Helen also manages our office and works on our outside sales & marketing. Helen brings a wealth of knowledge about firearms from a woman's perspective. She is also TCCC and TemsFRO Certified with the state of Califonia. If you have a question Helen probably has an answer.

Helen Meads
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