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Concealed Carry - Things to think about

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

What does it mean to carry a gun in the public? in this video, we discuss what it means to carry a gun in the public, the responsibilities and mindset required to properly and safely carry a gun in the public. It is important to remember when we are carrying a gun in public that we are surrounded by people and unintended impacts can have severe consequences. In most cases, the people around us are innocent bystanders that do not deserve to be shot unintentionally. There is no room for accidents when you are deploying a loaded firearm in the public realm. Everyone you see, somebody loves.

If you only touch your gun a couple of times a year, how can you expect to be any good with your weapon? If you only did your job one day a month, how good would you be? Who would higher you? So if you only spend a limited time with your weapon, you will have limited abilities with your weapon.

What is the reason you carry a gun? If your reason for carrying a weapon is to protect yourself and your family and you only spend a few days a year working with your firearm, you are failing. It is important to develop a relationship with your firearm. You should want to know as much as you can about anything you put in your hand to protect yourself or your family. Many people will buy a gun and not even read the owner's manuals that come with the firearm.

If you want to become more confident and comfortable with your firearm, it starts with knowledge. Life teaches us that knowledge is the platform that confidence is built on, the more knowledgeable we are about something the more confident we are in that subject. That is why we are confident when we are at work because we have spent so much time doing it and have become very knowledgeable in our chosen profession. Only after we have built a platform of knowledge can we gain the confidence necessary to become comfortable with our weapon.

Being comfortable with a firearm is essential to carrying in the public. So many that take my Concealed Carry class tell me that are not comfortable with their firearm. I have had many students who are renewing tell me they are not comfortable with a loaded gun on their body. These same students usually tell me they have not spent enough time with their firearms.

If you want to carry a gun in the public you have to be comfortable with your firearm. I always remind my students that the gun will never save them. It can't save them, the gun is an inanimate object incapable of doing anything. You will have to save yourself and a gun is a tool that will increase your odds of survival in a violent altercation. A gun is a tool on your toolbelt, just like a hammer. I have never met anyone that said "look what my hammer built." The hammer didn't build anything, that person used the hammer to build something. The person built something with the tools at their disposal.

Knowing as much as you can about your weapon, includes ballistics. When we look at a firearm its the bullets that go forth and inflict trauma, not the guns. That is why i want all my to students to understand the importance of knowing what ammunition to put in their gun. Just as the hammer puts the nail in place, the gun puts the bullet in place. What bullets you in your gun is just as important as what nails you use to build with. Use the wrong nails and you will get poor results, use the wrong ammunition and you will get poor results. All of this knowledge is important to understand when carrying a gun in the public.

It is necessary for us to accept the responsibility of carrying a gun in the public. When carrying a gun in the public, we need to be responsible for not only our actions but also the result of our actions. You must be confident in your ability to use a firearm if you are going to carry a gun in the public and that confidence comes from knowledge and training.

Don Ratkowski

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