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Just in 2022 alone, there have been 27 school shootings and an overwhelming request for backpack body armor. In response, we have made a division dedicated to helping protect children from some of the most common rounds associated with these shootings. Our core competency isn’t making armor plates for backpacks, but we will when people are asking for assistance in our communities. The Tacticon backpack body armor plate insert is made from UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) which is a composite material that has great ballistics properties while keeping the weight to a minimum. The dimensions for these backpack armor inserts are 10.5”x13.5” and can easily be inserted into any main pocket or laptop insert of a backpack.

Tacticon Backpack Armor Plate – Level III (SRT) Rifle & Level IIIA Pistol Rated

Excluding Sales Tax
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