We have revolutionized the way you can mount and store your firearms for easy and discreet access. The Anywhere Magnet will hold up to 25 lbs. so this will hold any firearm you attach to it, big or small. You don’t ever need to buy another gun rack again. The Anywhere Magnet will fit anywhere you can imagine needing to have access to a firearm. The product is incredibly lightweight at only a few ounces. You can purchase multiple magnets to hold extra magazines or use two magnets to hold one long gun (i.e. rifle, shotgun, etc.) This can be easily mounted in a vehicle. Preferred locations are inside the glovebox and under the steering wheel. The magnet comes standard with an adhesive backing to make mounting easy. Simply stick the magnet to the location to mount of your choice, put the screws in, and you’re done! Most of the “other guys” selling gun magnets don’t provide you with the hardware to install it, we do.

Concealed Carrier Anywhere Gun Magnet