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Red Dot Sights will only take you so far; our Falcon V1 Red Dot Magnifier will take you 3x closer. The Tacticon flip-to-side 3X Red Dot Magnifier has taken no shortcuts in the process and has been engineered with German glass to give you the best optic we could possibly deliver for a price that costs a third of what our nearest competitor offers. This red dot magnifier gives you an image that is 3x closer but also pairs with our Predator V1, V2, and V3. Creating a product with eye relief is important, that’s why we have designed it to give the user 3″ of eye relief. The Falcon V1 3X REd Dot Magnifier features weatherproof aluminum housing, flip-to-side mount, 30mm lenses, and includes mounting screws and microfiber cloth.

Falcon V1 3x Red Dot Magnifier

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Falcon V1 3x Magnifier
    Flip-to-side mount
    Micro fiber cloth
    Large mounting screws (for shim)
    Small mounting screws

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