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The Ballistic Bulletproof Face Mask easily stops 9mm, 45 ACP, .44 Mag, .22, .380, .38, 10mm, 12 guage, 12 guage buckshot, and so much more!

High compression PE (Polyethylene) fabric to yield the most comfortable shaping.  Complete facial protection.

Upgraded EverLast-elastic straps.  Prevents loose feeling after thousands of uses.

Padding over the entire forehead, temples, cheek bones, and cheeks.

Newest version, direct from us in California!  Designed for special forces around the world so you can rest easy. 

Don't buy a bulletproof mask before reading this: Other retailers face masks are not rated and tested.  Other face masks risk bullet splatter and shrapnel in the users face. This one does not.

This IIIA+ ballistic bulletproof face mask is also stabproof.  When you need a ballistic mask you'll most you'll likely be close quarters.  Don't get another ballistic face mask and risk knife penetration.

Level IIIa+ Ballistic Facemask

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