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The Level IIIA Ballistic Bulletproof ATE Helmet provides you with the highest level of protection with NIJ certification to stop a wide range of ammunition. Whether you're looking for security or ballistics protection, this helmet is sure to meet your needs.


  • NIJ IIIA+ capable armored helmets, lighter weight and safer than the old Kevlar tactical helmets.
  • Can stop the same ammunition as a level 3A police or military vest. (44 Magnum, 9mm, 45 cal, 40 cal, 38, 12 gauge slug, buckshot, and many more!)
  • Built with the exact materials and craftsmanship we use for our police and military customers.
  • Tested for the latest NIJ standards.
  • Rapid adjusting headband.
  • 4 point chin straps that are fully adjustable with a leather chin grip.
  • Fully adjustable memory padding that can be moved around, taken out, beaten, and still retain it's shape for years to come.  Feels hard at first?  Leave it in for a minute.
  • Tactical rail system with 2 point bungee and vertical + horizontal rails.

NIJ IIIA+ Fast Style ATE Bulletproof Helmet with NVG and Rails

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