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SRT (Special Rifle Threat) is a lightweight body armor application made from UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) weighing 2.57 lbs. The purpose of the SRT armor is to address special threats that are not traditionally tested by the NIJ .06 standard. This armor was tailored towards keeping your loadout light while defeating more common rifle rounds like the 5.56 M193 (traditional AR-15 round) and the 7.62×39 (AK-47 round). This lightweight UHMWPE special threat armor palte was tested to withstand 6 shots from either the M193 or 7.62×39 while keeping your trauma in a safe parameter. This plate is a standalone unit meaning you do not need anything else to mitigate trauma.

    SRT (Special Rifle Threat) 2.57 lbs Ultra Lightweight Polyethylene Plate

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      • Why is it a SRT and not level III?

        By the NIJ .06 definition, the testing parameter of a Level III plate is (6) shots of 7.62×51 (M80) with less than 44mm of back face signature on the first 2 shots and 0 penetrations on the last 4. What we are addressing are the more common threats of 5.56 and 7.62×39. Traditionally, a level III plate is typically thicker and heavier in order to stop the excessive trauma created from the 147 gr 7.62×51 round. However, by narrowing our field to the “special rifle threats” that the NIJ doesn’t test for (5.56/7.62×39) we can make a plate that is lighter and thinner.

        Will it stop a 7.62×51 (M80)?

        The simple answer is yes. It will stop the round with 0 penetration, however since the trauma can exceed the safety limit of 44mm, we do not advertise it as such.

        Is it Multi-hit?

        Yes. It was designed to easily defeat 6 shots of M193 and 7.62×39 MSC while maintaining trauma in the acceptable range of under 44mm.


        Level SRT Standalone

        Weight: 2.57 lbs 

        Dimensions: 9.5”x12.5”

        Thickness: .65″

        Curve: SAPI Multi-Curve

        Build: Ceramic and UHMWPE (Polyethylene)

        Covering: Wrapped in TPU (Thermal Polyurethane) water and diesel resistant

        Warranty: 6 Year Warranty


      • .44 Magnum (240 gr) 1,460 fps
      • 9mm (124gr) 1,335 fps 
      • .357 Magnum (158gr) 1,460 fps
      • .357 SIG (125 gr) 1,500 fps
      • .40 S&W (180gr) 1,185 fps 
      • .45 ACP (230 gr) 980 fps 
      • 5.56 (55gr) FMJ 3,280 fps 
      • 7.62×39 (122 gr) MSC 2,410 fps
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