Reliably defends against: all common handgun rounds including .357, 9mm, 45acp, all the way up to .44 magnum. Level IIIA protection even protects the wearer from shotgun rounds including 00 buckshot, 12 ga slugs and even submachine gun rounds.

Tactical Multi-Threat Level iiiA Vest

    • Safe Life Defense Tactical Carrier
    • Level IIIA Soft Body Armor
    • (Includes a pocket for optional/additional 6″ x 8″ armor)
    • Bullet, strike and slash resistant!
    • Constructed with custom para-aramaid
    • Traditional Front and rear molle webbing in addition to laser cut molle velcro
    • 2 expanded low profile plate pockets for optional level IV hard plates
    • Tactical Comfort Side straps include low profile pockets for additional armor
    • Rear drag/rescue handle with optional name tag
    • Front and rear ID patches included with optional custom name tag
    • 6 Point adjustable with 2 tactical comfort straps
    • Water resistant nylon construction
    • Cooling mesh liner
    • Engineered for comfort and maneuverability.